All these options can be found in the Amazon Config Module.


Import Attributes allows you to import product attributes from Amazon.


You can also select what attributes to select.
Also, you can choose to beautify attribute title , this is great for SEO.


Setup to publish products automatically upon import, or import them as draft and publish them after!


Setup the request type. You can leave it to auto detect, or select XML or SOAP Request.


Import from all available Amazon Locations, also setup a main affiliate id for you website.


Use the External server country detection for the GEO Location feature. This detects the user’s IP and sends him to the nearest Amazon Affiliate website.


You can show the amazon buy URL in the link or you can keep it hidden.


Show “Free shipping” on products that have it available.


Setup the Checkout Type – self into same tab, or Blank- open in new tab. This is very useful if you have a website where you feature amazon products and your own physical products. When you mix into the cart a amazon product and a physical product, the amazon product will be opened into a new tab, where the user can make the checkout and the other product will remain into your website cart in order to continue the checkout there.


90 Days Cookie – select if you wish to use it.


Gallery – Setup if you wish to display a gallery images into the product’s description area.

Product Short Description – Setup if you wish to display the product short description, also known as excerpt.