Amazon Automatic Content Spinner

Amazon Automatic Content Spinner

Excellent On Page Optimization for Amazon Products

Worried about Google finding duplicated content?

We’ve developed a new module called Automated Amazon Content Spinner that will automatically spin the content that comes from Amazon upon import.
That way, you can have unique content with minimal efforts.

How does it work? Well it’s very easy.
You can use this module in 2 ways. One that is fully automated and when you import a product from Amazon the content will automatically be spun using the thesaurus built in database.

Auto Spin Content

Say goodbye to manually editing products content from Amazon!

Using the Automated Content Spinner all you have to do is Setup to Spin the Content as you Import Amazon Products, and how many replacements to have in the content.

Spin On Import

Setup to spin the content on import, or you can do it manually for each product after you import them! You also have the possibility to select for each word the Synonym from our Thesaurus Database.

Changed your mind?

Don't worry! The module has a rollback option!

Max Replacements

You can choose to replace up to all possible replacements in the product content! We do recommend to use a maximum of 20 replacements for having relevant content.

Available Thesaurus

As thesaurus we have available the following languages : English ( , amazon,,, France (, Spain (
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