Auto Import Amazon Products

Auto Import Amazon Products

Import Amazon Products on Autopilot using the Auto Import Amazon Products Module !

We’ve developed a new module called Auto Import Amazon Products.

This new module helps you import products automatically! Yes you heard that right!

You just need to set a keyword, setup how many pages to import and simply add it to the Products Queue.

You can also setup the recurrence and how often to import products. After you did that, the Cron will import products at the recurrence time you set up.

You can see the status of the Auto Imported Products, delete, publish / unpublish them, see if the products were imported or if there was an error, when it started, ended and when it will run next.

Auto Import Amazon Products!

Say goodbye to manually adding products from Amazon! Again!

Using the Search for Product mode , you'll just need to set a keyword, the product's Department and set up how many pages to import and click on the Add Search to Schedule button!

CSV Import Also!

If you have a big ASINS list, you can add it to the Auto import as well! Simply add ASINS, Add them to the Queue and on Product Import type Setup Asynchronuous products import!

Grab Products

This option applies to the Grab Products mode!

Auto Import Queue

In the Auto Import Queue module, you will see a list with all the products that were autoimported, its Status, when it was Imported and the possibility to Delete It.

Auto Import Search

On the Auto Import Search Module you will see some Stats on each Search Queue you added to the Auto Import, how many products were imported on each Queue & more.
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