Products Import Setup

Products Import Setup

Products Import Setup

In the Import Setup Section you will find all sorts of features regarding products import.

Attributes Options

As you know, Amazon products have attributes. You can choose to import them, choose what type of attributes to import and of course beautify attributes!

Import Attributes - Yes / No

This option will allow to import or not the product item attributes.

Select Attributes

Choose what attributes to be added on the import process.

Beautify attribute title

Separate attribute title words by space
WZone Image - attra - Picture

Prices Variations

Using the Price Variations you can select what price to import / display on each product. You can import prices from different merchants and display the best offer price to your customers.

Prices Setup - only Amazon or Other Sellers

Get product offer price from Amazon or other Amazon sellers.

Free Products

You can also import products with no price that are free on Amazon.

Manually Setup

Choose to display the prices that you wish, regular prices or sale prices.
WZone Image - prices - Picture

Other Settings

Default Import Type

Set the default import option for products - to be Published or imported as Draft.

Spin on Import

General Setting - Setup if you wish to spin content on import.


Create only parent categories on Import

Missing Offer Listing

Import products with missing offerListingId


General Setup - import all variations.


Choose the images import type and their name.


Force import parent if it is variation

Missing Offer Listing on Variations

Import product Variations with missing offerListingId


These screenshots were made in Version 10.0.4. The current version may have improvements.


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