Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization

Make your Website Load Faster!

Using the Speed Optimization Module, you will improve your website’s speed dramatically!

Optimize Amazon Products

Using the Speed Optimization module, you will be able to have your Amazon products optimized even before importing them! On the Insane Import Mode, in the Fine Tuning Section, based on the options you choose you will get a score on how efficient your products will be after you import them.

Optimize Images

Images occupy a significant amount of visual space. As a result, optimizing images can often yield some of the largest byte savings and performance improvements for your website. Eliminate unnecessary image resources!

Optimize Variations

If your product has many variations , this will surely increase your website loading time. We recommend keeping maximum 5 variations per product.

Optimize Attributes

Amazon products come with a lot of attributes. Only one product can have hundred of attributes. This might cause your site to slow down. That’s why we developed a tool that helps you optimize the attributes in just a click!


Optimize Categories

If you’re using the “Use Category from Amazon” option upon import, you might notice that the whole categories tree gets imported with the product. Using this tool, you can leave fewer categories. This increases your website speed
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Grading System

We have a grading system that will help you understand how optimized are your products.

A - Optimized!

Your website will load super fast

C – Poor! (needs more work)

Optimize your images, Attributes & Categories and you'll get a B score for sure!

B – Needs work

If you've reached the B score, you probably still have a lot of variations, we recommend a maximum of 5 variations.

D – Bad

Well, Bad is bad - we suggest optimizing everything! Images, categories, attributes & variations, or else your website will load super slow.
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There are 2 ways to optimize products


Manually means that each product has a “Optimize Product” button, and when you click on it you will be able to optimize on that product the images, categories, variations & attributes.

Optimize Manually

You get a grade for each section you wish to optimize, next to it's name. For example at the Images Tab you have the Grade C.

Mass Optimization

The Mass Optimization features works like this: you select multiple products and click on the “Mass Optimization” button. A pop-up with some settings will display, where you will choose how many images to leave on each product, if you wish to optimize attributes, how many variations to leave on each product and categories as well.

Once you chose your settings, simply click on “Mass Optimize” and wait for the magic to happen! ?

No effort

By using the mass optimization, you only need to press a button! That's all
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