Keep Amazon Products Synchronized!

Using the synchronization module you can synchronize products and also keep track if the Amazon products were synced, and when.

There are 2 ways to keep Amazon Products Synchronized.

Frontend Synchronization

This option will activate the product synchronization when any customer navigates on a product details page. The customers will be notified by an overlay pop-up only if the product data was synchronized.

Synchronize Products

By using this feature, you'll keep synchronized only the products that generate traffic and have visits.
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WP Cron Synchronization

Synchronize Amazon Products by using the WordPress Cron. By using this option, you will be able to keep all amazon synchronized. How you might ask?

Well, setup how many products you wish to synchronize in the Synchronization Module, and the WordPress Cron will synchronize in bulk multiple products at a time.

The Cron runs every 2 minutes and verifies if there are any products that need to be synchronized.

Synchronize Everything!

You will be able to synchronize product : Title, Description, Price, Buy URL, SKU, Sales Rank, Reviews & New Variations!

Sync Location

Also, you can setup to Synchronize the products by choosing the Sync Location - the Amazon Website from which the product was imported from or the Default Import location (setup in Amazon Config)

Synchronization Setup

You can setup for the Synchronization Cron the Recurrence (how often to run - we recommend daily) and how many Products per request (we recommend 10 products per request )

Sync Manually

If you wish to synchronize a product right away well you can! Simply click on the Sync Now button in the Synchronization Module!
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WZone Reports

We created a new module called WZone Report.

What is the purpose of this new module? Well, as the name says for itself, it’s a reporting module, specially made for keeping track of how many products were synchronized and when, and to keep track of the products auto-imported from amazon (how many views they had, added to card, redirected to amazon)

Check Reports

You can see the reports in the WZone Report module, or you can choose to receive them via E-mail periodically.
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