WZone Cronjobs

WZone Cronjobs

Custom Cronjobs

The custom Cron Jobs Module will help you see and check the custom cron jobs for the auto import & synchronization modules.

Easy to understand

This is a very easy to understand module. You have a list with WZone's Custom Cron Jobs.
Mainly they are used for the Auto Import Module and the Synchronization module.

Hook Name

You can easily identify a cron by its hook name.

Status / Duration

For each cron you have a status & duration column. There you can see if it's Done or it gave an error and how long it took.

Next / Last Run

You can also check when the cron will run next or when it last ran.

Reinitialize Crons

If you have any issues with any of the Crons, you can simply Reinitialize them, it's a like a Reset button.
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Please make sure that you have traffic on your website, or else the WordPress Cron won’t start!

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