WZone Cross-Selling

WZone Cross-Selling

WZone Cross-Selling (also known as Frequently Bought Together Products)

The WZone Cross-Selling Feature is Great for Marketing.
On each Product imported from Amazon you can display Related products / Frequently Bought Together products & Earn more Commissions!

The Importance of Cross-Selling

E-commerce, in particular, relies on cross-selling. Online shops with a wide range of goods can use cross-references to point out new products, suitable articles or complementary products.

Cross-selling often drives increased retention rates

Many research studies have shown us that the more products a customer purchases from you the longer they will continue to purchase from you. If you manage to cross sell to your customers you get the added advantage of keeping them longer (all things being equal) and a double bonus to the bottom line.

Enable Cross-Selling

Choose to enable or disable the Cross-Selling feature.

Variable Products

If the Products from the Cross-Sell Box are variable, you can choose which variation to display: the first variation, the lowest price variation or the highest price variation.

How many products to display?

Setup how many products to display on the Cross-Selling box.

Custom Design

You might have noticed that on your theme the box looks different, that's because the theme is not 100% with WZone, We recommend using Kingdom Theme 🙂
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These screenshots were made in Version 10.0.4. The current version may have improvements.


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