Chrome Extension


With the WZone NO PA API extension you can set up an Affiliate Website and Import Products from Amazon with 0 effort!

It’s not difficult at all! Just browse on any Amazon Website, select some products, choose and click on what website you want the product to be imported and bam! The product will be imported on your website.
You’ll have a site that functions and looks like an e-commerce website, but at checkout, customers will be led to Amazon. And for each sale you will get a commision of course!
Affiliate marketing gets a bad reputation a lot, and mostly it’s because so many people don’t do it right.
But when you are running a store on your website, a legitimate store that provides products that you handpick, you’re going to be one step ahead of the competition.
As you might have heard, Amazon has restricted access to their Product Advertising API to new affiliates. For now it’s just for the United States Affiliate Program.
Now, after you sign up and get your affiliate id you have to generate at least 3 qualified sales in order to get access to the Product Advertising API.
We have built this extension with this sole purpose. To give you an alternative to import products into your website without the necessity of having API keys.
So, after you generate 3 sales, you will get access to the PA API and you will be able to import as many products as you wish using the WZone Plugin! Not only that! You will be able to auto import products, synchronize them, get reviews & much more!